Craigieburn Forest Park

The trails here are in a league of their own.

Settled in the Craigieburn valley and looking up to Craigieburn and Mt Cheeseman ski fields you’ll immediately feel a sense of peace and tranquility.

Which of course, will be quickly shattered as you embark on the ball chaffing epic we call ‘The Loop’.

DOC do a fantastic job out here and the trails are well maintained and almost always rideable. The only noise you can here are the native birds, creeks winding their way out to the Craigieburn river and your unfit mate sucking in cubic metres of oxygen as they reach the top of the ski field road.

‘The Craigieburn Craic’

Leave the safety of the car park and for the next 4-6 hour’s you’ll be sharing some of the most amazing scenery in the south island.

Climb ‘Sidle 72’ then work your way up the ski field access road to Craigieburn Ski field then let gravity take over as you descend back down to the ‘Lyndon Saddle’ via ‘The Edge’. Start off traversing some awesome shingle screes and then wind your way through pristine native bush you then hook up with ‘The Luge’. Then its ‘Hang on to your space boots Scotty’ it’s fast, bumpy and flippin awesome. Then onto Dracaphllyum Flat Track Leave the bush and head out onto the open country of Mt Cheeseman cross onto The Hogs Back and follow that all the way to Castle Hill village where and cold beer and ride back to The Dubliner awaits.

Then to finish off an awesome days riding enjoy the company of Gary & Karen Manning at The Dubliner with a complimentary pint of premium beer/ stout and a pizza to share.

We recommend riders wishing to embark on The Craigieburn Craic are advanced level riders with a very high level of fitness. We don’t want anyone to miss out on riding in this beautiful environment so give us a call so we can have a yarn about shorter rides for the not so athletic.

The Wharfdale

Another magic trail cutting through untouched native bush in the Mt Oxford Conservation area.

Once again, as with all DOC trails, the Wharfdale is well maintained with bridges, culverts and water tables where needed, yet it never loses its character.

Enjoy a gentle climb, for the most part, up to the saddle which will take around an hour for an intermediate/ advanced rider, stop for a bite to eat and then either carry on to the hut or enjoy the ride back to the car.

The Wharfdale is situated at the back of beautiful pastoral farm land which the Canterbury foothills are renowned for. Passing through this working farm you’ll often be met on the road by sheep or cattle going about their business without a worry in the world which really sets the scene for a wonderfully relaxing and soul centring ride.

If you choose to go the hut after you’ve had a rest at the saddle, you’ll be able to enjoy a fabulous descent with its well-formed and flowy trail which means you can really push on, but be warned, what goes down must then pedal back up!! A 15-20 minute descent means about an hour’s ride back to the saddle, then another 25 minutes back to the car.

We recommend the Hut to intermediate/ advanced riders with an excellent level of fitness.